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February Update

February is here already?!

We've begun progress toward our Wildly Important Goal (WIG) of improving reading comprehension. This is a multi-layed effort that involves students, staff and our families! Your child has created a specific goal based on their current reading level with an intended outcome for reading level growth by June 2023. Students have been guided in this process to choose strategies that will have the most impact and success. Students are also evaluating their progress regularly and have a partner to check in with to keep them focused on achieving growth. We call these, "accountability partners". 

Our staff have also made commitments to ensure all students are supported to meet their targeted goals. As a staff, we also keep one another accountable to our commitments by having 'huddle up' meetings at our school wide scoreboard.

As a family, please encourage regular opportunities for your child to engage in reading. Despite busy schedules, create time and space for all family members to read and have conversations about what you are reading. The 1Book5Schools family literacy project, currently underway, is a great starting point!

Our skating and curling programs were completed with great success. A very special thank you to the Coleman Seniors Curling Club for providing curling instruction to our students. 

Junior Achievement programming to build financial literacy knowledge and skills is underway. Grade 4 and 5 student programming is complete, and Grade 6 programming will be completed this month.Students have responded to this programming with engagement and positivity and have a greater understanding of financial concepts such as money management, starting a business and credit!

We had our first day at Pass Powderkeg and the weather and hill conditions were fantastic. We had a great group of parent volunteers and supportive PPK staff to assist with having our whole school participating at one time! We look forward to our next 2 days at PPK- Feb. 9th and Feb.16th. 

Our student council is looking to organize some events for the month of February- all details have not yet been finalized, but they are themed around Valentine's Day. 

There are no classes for students the week of February 20-24 due to Family Day and Teacher's Convention. Classes resume on February 27th.


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