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School Council

Organization of our Council

The three schools (Horace Allen, Isabelle Sellon and Crowsnest Consolidated) also gather as a community of schools and work as a Tri-School Council. Our Trustees, School Administrators, Teacher members, Parents/Guardians, and even students make up our Tri-School Council. 

Our school council meets on the third Tuesday of each month. We are an advisory council with the goal of supporting and enhancing student learning.

At this time, all council meetings are in-person and the location alternates among the three schools. Meeting agenda's and minutes are posted to our school website.


April Tri-School Council

Please see the attached documents for meeting agenda, admin report and Key Messages from the Board.

During the ISS break- out portion, we discussed replacing the playground surface with pea gravel and associated costs as well as sharing a broader scope and depth to our Spring MRA results. The MRA report is available to view in the link below.

2022 2023 Isabelle Sellon School Results Report

Board Key Messages April 22, 2024

Tri School Council Meeting April 22, 2024

Admin Report April 2024